Why Choose Ammstar Autohaus?

Since 2000, the Ammstar name has quickly grown to become the biggest independent service network in Melbourne for the most popular German car models.

The reason for our meteoric growth? It’s simple: we provide service that equals or exceeds your dealership for an exclusive range of German car makes, without the price tag.

Ammstar Autohaus provides comprehensive German car service Melbourne. From routine maintenance to deep repairs, you can trust our specialist mechanics to fix the problem without breaking the bank in the process.

We specialise on four of Germany’s most popular car makes, which ensures we deliver speedy service, the right solutions, and specialised knowledge.

  • Do you drive a Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen or Audi?
  • Facing a unique problem that’s left your local mechanic stumped?
  • Looking for specialised service for your make and model?

Luckily, our team of expert mechanics provide an affordable alternative to dealership service.

Why Choose Ammstar Autohaus German Auto Service

Why choose Ammstar Autohaus German Car Service Melbourne

Genuine & OEM parts

Unlike the corner mechanic, Ammstar Autohaus uses only genuine and OEM parts to service your luxury German vehicle.

We source components directly from original manufacturers. This gives you the best of both worlds: quality and a great price!

Qualified and passionate technicians

Each of our specialist mechanics undergo a rigorous testing process.

This test covers everything from common parts like piston rings to components such as parking sensors and computers that are unique to your luxury car.

We don’t just know your car brands. We have an innate passion for them!

Almost 20 years’ experience

Ammstar has been in the game since the year 2000 – and since the beginning, we exclusively serviced Mercedes-Benz models.

Due to overwhelming demand we widened the net to add three more of Germany’s most popular makes – Audi, BMW, and Volkswagen.

100% independent

Ammstar Autohaus is 100% independent of the manufacturer’s network.

As such, we have significantly lower overheads – that means we can offer you a superior price without compromising on our stellar service.

Transparent quoting system

Our pricing system is completely transparent. Our team provide itemised quotes that detail exactly what we’ll be doing to your car, and won’t start working until they receive your sign off.

This way, you’ll never be stung with unexpected costs in your final invoice.

Our specialist knowledge goes beyond the service guide

The service guide might suggest getting your spark plugs replaced, for example, every 60,000 kilometres.

In practice however, that won’t always be the case! Spark plugs wear out every time you turn the ignition. But what happens if:

  • Your vehicle may had its spark plugs replaced at an earlier date?
  • You’re not a daily driver, taking the train to work instead?
  • Your car is second-hand, and you don’t know its maintenance history?

In any case of these cases, the services your luxury German vehicle needs won’t always line up with what’s prescribed in the service book.

On top of our set base service, our specialists perform an in-depth inspection of your car.

We inspect the most important mechanical and electronic systems, looking at your vehicle’s history and any unique requirements linked to your model.

Using this information, we can tell you exactly what service your car needs.

We’ll tell you exactly how long each important part or system is expected to last, giving you the choice of either fixing it now or leaving it until your next service.