Volkswagen Service Schedule Melbourne

The key to keeping your Volkswagen running at its best? Getting it serviced when the logbook recommends.

Want your Volkswagen to stay as powerful, comfortable, and efficient as possible?

The secret is having routine and major service performed by a qualified Volkswagen mechanic.

Based in Cheltenham, Ammstar Autohaus specialises in providing specialist German auto service at an affordable price point.

Don’t let exorbitant costs stop you from giving your Volkswagen the service it deserves.

Call Ammstar Autohaus on (03) 9585 1676 to have your VW looked after by a qualified expert at a fraction of the price you’d expect to pay at the dealer.

In fact, if you find a cheaper price from the dealership, we’ll beat it by 10%*!

*Terms and conditions apply.

volkswagen service schedule melbourne

Why choose Ammstar Autohaus for your next VW scheduled service?

Service schedule

The key to an efficient and effective service is independent assessment in conjunction with the standard service schedule guidelines.

We follow the VW service schedule, but it’s only after we’ve performed additional tasks, including looking at the history, age, and kilometres of the car – as well as our custom in-depth checks – that we can confidently provide you with our service recommendations of things your car actually needs – and nothing more.

Premium service without the price tag

Thanks to our strong supplier relationships, lower overheads, and highly optimised processes, we provide superior Volkswagen service Melbourne at a fraction of the price a dealership would charge you.

And if you do find a dealership that’s offering you a discount, we’ll beat it by 10%!

Personalised service

We operate independently of the dealership network. Not only does this allow us to offer lower prices, but it also gives us a much greater degree of flexibility in the services we provide.

If your circumstances don’t fit a standard plan, we’ll do what it takes to accommodate for you.

Genuine and OEM parts

Take a look into our parts room and you’ll notice we don’t use no-name generic components.

That’s because we service your Volkswagen solely with genuine or OEM parts. This guarantees your Volkswagen will continue to perform as intended, and minimises the risk of future problems.

It’s the little things

Our commitment to dealership-quality service doesn’t end with our know-how and parts. Talk to our customer service team about hiring a loan car. Alternatively, we can drop you off if you live or work locally.

We’ll even include a complimentary car wash and vacuum! It’s all part of our customer-centric approach.

Specialist Volkswagen Mechanic Melbourne

While the service book may say certain parts need replacing at 45,000 kilometres, in practice that’s not always necessary.

  • Your regular mechanic may have replaced some parts at your last service
  • You might drive a second-hand car with custom work from the previous owner
  • If you take public transport to work, for example, your VW may present a lot less wear than a daily driver

These are just three possible reasons your maintenance requirements won’t always necessarily line up with the official maintenance guide.

As VW specialists, Ammstar Autohaus knows what to look out for. We can determine whether your timing belt needs replacing, examine the actual condition of your spark plugs, and perform a transmission service.

Any mechanic can follow the service book. Very few can give your Volkswagen the specialised treatment it actually needs!