When it comes to Volkswagen servicing (or servicing any car, really), there are 2 things that  a mechanic needs to consider when determining what types of maintenance tasks need to be performed:

  1. Time
  2. Distance

As a general rule of thumb, services will be prescribed on milestones based these two variables.

Which one matters more when the time comes to book a Volkswagen service in Melbourne? If you want to know when you should book your next service, read on!

A Volkswagen mechanic in Melbourne explains…

Distance-based servicing

Many of your Volkswagen’s parts and systems wear out directly proportional to time. For example, tyres lose their tread the more often you drive. Drive twice as much, and your tyres wear out twice as fast – pretty straightforward.

By using distance to prescribe service, mechanics are able to more accurately accommodate for your driving habits.

For example, someone who commutes from Cheltenham to Moorabbin puts less strain on their vehicle than someone who goes back-and-forth across the city every single day.

Of course, not all parts of your Volkswagen’s engine work that way!

Time-based servicing

Like the name suggests, time-based conditioning specifies car services depending on the time since the previous service.

This is because certain parts and components wear out over time, even if you don’t drive! 

For example, while your tyres won’t lose any tread if you don’t drive, the rubber they’re made of will still degrade and become brittle over time.

Car manufacturers estimate how long certain components, parts and systems can safely operate without servicing. Based on their findings, they will set a recommended time for service or replacement.

Which one matters more when booking a service?

Whichever you reach first!

Ideally, you should book a Volkswagen service in Melbourne the moment you reach either of these milestones. This is the best way to ensure that your Volkswagen is well-maintained and healthy.

Volkswagen specifically schedules service every 12 months or 15,000 kilometres driven. The moment you reach one of these milestones, you should be on the phone to your Volkswagen mechanic!

The reason service is based on a “whichever comes first” basis is because this 

When it comes to something as valuable as your car, it’s better to be safe than sorry. By looking at both of these factors, you ensure that the parts of your Volkswagen that wear out over time as well as those that wear out with use are both taken care of.

Volkswagen mechanic Melbourne caddy engine

Condition-based service: the new approach to car maintenance

Recently, manufacturers have been taking a different approach and offering condition-based servicing.

First pioneered by BMW, many other brands have been quick to adopt this new approach towards service.

Instead of prescribing a standard service package once your Volkswagen passes an arbitrary milestone, condition-based servicing instead looks at the condition of your engine, suspension and other crucial systems.

For example, some of the services in the service guide may have been done between services. As a result, you may not need this included in your Volkswagen service.

The idea is that this type of system helps you save money. Instead of paying for a complete service package, you’ll only pay for the services that your vehicle really needs, thereby bringing down your Volkswagen service cost.

What’s more, it can also help you identify issues as they arise instead of having to wait for your annual trip to your local Volkswagen mechanic in Melbourne.

In theory, this is the most cost-effective and accurate method of servicing your Volkswagen – of course, theory doesn’t always translate to the real-world…

The computer doesn’t track everything in real-time

At the heart of condition-based servicing is your Volkswagen’s onboard computer.

This system monitors the different parts, components, fluid levels and more in your Volkswagen. Once it detects your VW starting to deviate from the manufacturer’s specs, your dashboard will light up, alerting you to the need for a Volkswagen service.

The problem is that the computer doesn’t always get it right!

There are relatively few systems, parts and components that your onboard computer actively monitors. While important data like fluid levels are tracked in real-time, less important systems and parts operate on a time or distance basis.

What’s the only way to accurately evaluate the condition of a part or system that isn’t actively monitored? Getting a Volkswagen mechanic to pop open the hood and take a look at the “blood and guts” of your vehicle.

Why you need a Volkswagen specialist mechanic

 The service guide doesn’t always get it right

Volkswagen employs thousands of engineers in research centres throughout the world, who work hard to refine VW’s offerings and design the next generation of VWs.

Unfortunately, these engineers can’t account for how every single Volkswagen owner’s unique driving habits.

When devising the service guide and determining how long parts and systems can go between servicing, the engineers base their calculations on long, gentle drives on paved surfaces.

As such, the distance, time and condition parameters the guidebook and onboard computer use may be inaccurate. In some cases, the figures may be too conservative and in others, too optimistic.

Luckily, an experienced Volkswagen mechanic in Melbourne can evaluate the actual condition of your vehicle.

Instead of blindly following the service guide, we use our knowledge of the brand to prescribe a custom service package that accurately reflects the actual condition of your vehicle.

We can help owners of older cars

According to research, the typical Aussie motorist drives a car that’s 10.2 years old.

While not quite as old as some other countries – for example, the average Romanian drives a vehicle that’s 16.2 years old – that’s still quite a high number.

The time and mileage milestones in the service book typically becomes less accurate as the years pass. A lot more professional judgement is required for older cars.

Avoid overpaying or having a major problem ignored by choosing a Volkswagen mechanic in Melbourne who specialises in the brand.

Using our hands-on experience and brand-specific knowledge, we’re able to get a more accurate picture of the state of your vehicle. Thanks to this, we’re able to save you money and provide a more accurate Volkswagen service!

Choose Ammstar Autohaus for a more accurate Volkswagen service in Melbourne

At Ammstar Autohaus, we’re driven to provide superior value to dealership service – that’s what drove us to start our business!

Unlike the dealership, we’re independent – we set our own prices, and have the flexibility to deviate from the official service guide (when safe to do so, of course!)

Our Volkswagen mechanics in Melbourne use specialised computer diagnostic tools and our own hard-earned experience to assess the true state of your Volkswagen and correctly identify issues.

In particular, we can tell you whether certain service tasks need to be performed ASAP, or if they can safely be delayed to a future date. Not only are we able to give you what you actually need, but we can save you money while we’re at it!

Speak to a Volkswagen expert today – you won’t regret calling Ammstar Autohaus!

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