Yes, you read it correctly! It is not compulsory to get your BMW serviced by the dealer it was purchased from. A common misconception amongst car owners is that they may void their manufacturer warranty if they choose to get their car serviced outside of the dealership network. And as a result of this fear, car owners end up spending more on servicing than they should.

  • Ammstar Autohaus – Melbourne’s Independent BMW service experts!

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 is in place to protect consumers from conditions imposed after the sale. As a result, car owners can choose to get their BMW serviced by an independent garage without affecting the manufacturer’s warranty. BMW service experts like Ammstar Autohaus, operate independently of the dealer networks & offer cost-effective service. They are able to achieve this by –

  • Having  lower overheads than factory dealers
  • Specialising on just a few German brands
  • No expensive loan car fleet being factored into the service price

While all cars are similar in their basic design, every automotive brand has its own characteristics and style. They evolve differently, and often the same function such as engine emission controls, have entirely different methods. This can be confusing for a general mechanic attempting to diagnose a problem on an unfamiliar model.

The technicians at specialist independent centres have extensive experience in dealing with specific car brands & models. They not only have experience of servicing current models but also would have had worked on previous generations of those models. Their superior product knowledge, investment in the right tools, diagnostic equipment and training, will result in your service being completed as efficiently as possible.

The specialist experience also helps in identifying the problems quickly and providing an accurate quote. How often do you end up paying a higher servicing cost when you collect your car as compared to a lower estimate which was shared earlier? At Ammstar Autohaus, customers can not only get an itemised quote, but also are assured that only repairs authorised by you are performed – leaving no room for any last minute surprises.

The staff at Ammstar Autohaus are brand specialists and have years of experience servicing, diagnosing and repairing BMW cars. By keeping focused on specific brands, the team is able to deliver exceptionally high-quality services while keeping the pricing as competitive as possible. If your car hasn’t been serviced in a while, don’t put it off till the end of the year. Call us today on 03 9585 1676 or book online at

Ammstar Autohaus specialise in Mercedes-Benz Service, BMW Service, Audi Service and Volkswagen Service. Our workshop has some of the latest equipment that helps us identify and repair all kinds of complex issues.