As the owner of a BMW, you no doubt have a lot of appreciation for your vehicle. It’s more than just a way of getting from point A to point B – it’s a luxury item with plenty of sentimental (and monetary) value attached to it.

As such, it deserves the very best.

This extends beyond your choice of fuel – if you want to prolong your vehicle’s life, it’s important that you choose the right BMW mechanic in Melbourne to look after your maintenance and service needs.

Traditionally, motorists had two options…

  1. Dealership service: you pay more, but get specialist knowledge
  2. Independent mechanics: cheaper and more customer-focused, but less specialised

Since 2000 however, there’s been a third option that gives you the best of both worlds: Ammstar Autohaus.

What’s wrong with choosing the dealership for BMW service in Melbourne?

When it comes to BMW service in Melbourne, most people default to the dealership. They sell the marque, so naturally they should know how to properly maintain it too.

The idea is that by going direct to a dealership mechanic, you’re getting the best possible BMW service in Melbourne.

We aren’t going to deny that the BMW dealership know their stuff – however, that doesn’t automatically make them the best choice for a BMW service!

As we all know, dealership service can be expensive – especially for luxury German car brands like BMW. While condition-based servicing (CBS) helps bring costs down, there’s the undeniable fact that dealerships rely on service and maintenance to make ends meet.

According to, only 5% of a dealership’s profit comes from sales. Rather, the bulk of it comes from two areas: finance and insurance (30%) and service (a whopping 50%).

As such, it isn’t uncommon for dealership mechanics to slip additional services into your annual service in order to squeeze just that little bit extra cash out of you.

Like we’ve written before, CBS doesn’t always get it right.

We’ll give you the best possible value

Trust us, we’ve also been burned by dealership service in the past – in fact, that’s why we opened Ammstar Autohaus in the first place!

We’ve seen first hand how dealerships try to maximise value not for you, but for themselves by squeezing as much of your hard-earned money out of your pocket as possible.

For example, as we’ve written before, CBS doesn’t always get it right. In some cases, you might not actually need the service that your dashboard claims you do. What many dealership mechanics will do however is conveniently “overlook” this fact and include that maintenance task anyway, thereby driving up your quote.

Not us. If our BMW mechanics in Melbourne notice that your vehicle doesn’t actually need a certain service, or that it can be safely delayed, you’ll be the first to hear about it.

What’s more, you’ll have the final call over whether or not to include it in your BMW service. It’s this flexible pricing (combine that with our shuttle service, courtesy cars for larger services and free car wash and vacuum) that give you the best possible value!

Our BMW mechanics are just as skilled

The only cars that roll into our workshop are luxury German ones. More specifically, they’re from BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen.

Over the years, this hands-on experience has allowed us to develop a wealth of brand-specific know-how and experience on par with the dealership!

Just like a dealership mechanic, we specialise in BMW models. Our workshops in Fairfield and Cheltenham specialise in luxury German brands, meaning we’ve seen our fair share of vehicles from the Bavarian car manufacturer.

We’ve had the opportunity to work on all sorts of BMW models from all eras. We’ve also encountered (and fixed) every imaginable problem.

No matter the issue with your BMW, you can be confident that our team will successfully identify and fix it for you!

BMW service Melbourne wheel

Okay, so what about independent mechanics?

Many BMW owners in Melbourne are aware of dealerships’ tendency to charge extra, which is why they (smartly) opt to take their BMWs to independent mechanics.

In addition to saving money, many also prefer the individualised treatment and service that characterises independent workshops – your BMW is precious, after all, and it deserves the very best.

However, not all independent mechanics are made equal.

Most indies are generalist mechanics who service a wide variety of vehicles. One day, it might be a Toyota; the next, a Renault; the day after that, a Holden.

As a result, all of their knowledge, tools and parts need to be transferable across car brands.

In short, they’re jacks of all trades, masters of none. When it comes to the sophisticated proprietary systems found in a BMW, a generalist mechanic may struggle to provide your vehicle the level of service it deserves.

For example, a generalist may make use of “one-size-fits-all” parts, reducing your BMW’s performance (assuming they’re even compatible to begin with). They may also use generic diagnostic tools, which may not be able to properly detect and diagnose issues in BMW parts and systems.

As a luxury vehicle, your BMW deserves better than that!

We know our stuff

The ACCC recently reported that many car manufacturers are withholding vital technical data needed to make repairs and provide service, likely in an attempt to stifle competition from independent mechanics.

As a result, many independent mechanics may not have all the information needed to properly service and repair a BMW.

Luckily, our wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience allows us to overcome this issue altogether.

Unlike a generalist mechanic, we specialise in luxury German cars like BMWs. We have the brand-specific knowledge, as well as the hands-one experience needed to ensure your BMW is repaired properly the first time.

Our team has also developed a unique system for diagnosing issues with your BMW that maximises efficiency while also ensuring that issues are correctly identified.

You’ll get the best possible BMW service

Our operations are focused on luxury German brands such as BMW. Therefore, everything from the parts that we stock, the oil we provide and the diagnostic tools we use are designed specifically for BMWs.

BMWs are highly-engineered to operate at peak performance and efficiency. Aftermarket parts may not be engineered with these tolerances and specs in mind, and their use can stop your BMW from performing as intended.

With Ammstar Autohaus, there’s no need to worry about dodgy aftermarket parts, or one-size-fits-all replacements that don’t quite fit in your BMW’s engine. High-quality genuine and original manufacturer parts are the name of the game at Ammstar Autohaus.

This focus on high-quality parts and BMW-specific diagnostic systems ensures that your BMW’s performance is maintained once you get it back.

We also have our own unique systems that minimise diagnostic time and ensure that we correctly identify the issue.

Our BMW mechanics in Melbourne offer the best of both worlds

Imagine the benefits of dealership service and an independent workshop combined – that’s exactly what Ammstar Autohaus offer you!

Our BMW mechanics in Melbourne are driven to give you the best possible BMW service possible. We’re committed to giving you the best prices, the best packages and the best value for money.

Drive an Audi, Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen? No worries – our BMW mechanics can also maintain and service these vehicles too!

Find out how we can help you (and your BMW) – get in touch with our BMW specialists today.