You heard us right.

While the dealership may have kicked up a major fuss when you bought your Audi, the truth is, there’s no law that says you can’t choose an independent Audi mechanic to look after your vehicle.

In fact, there are actually laws in place to prevent car brands from voiding your warranty for daring to choose an alternative to dealership service.

Despite all of that however, many dealerships continue to insist that dealership service is the only way to maintain your Audi warranty.

Listen to this advice, and you could find yourself paying considerably more than you should for Audi service in Melbourne!

“Hold on, what was that about illegal?”

According to the ACCC, car owners are free to choose who services their cars.

More importantly, you won’t have to worry about voiding your warranty either!

Information to the contrary is at best misinformed, and at worse deliberately misleading! After all, dealerships have considerably higher overheads to cover than an independent mechanic.

Of course,as with all good things, there’s a catch. This isn’t carte blanche to cheap out and take your Audi to any old garage that claims they can provide Audi servicing (not that you should be entrusting your Audi to just anyone).

You won’t have to worry about voiding your warranty, provided that it…

Condition 1: it meets the manufacturer’s standards

Obviously, a sub-par service isn’t going to be covered by your warranty!

If your independent Audi mechanic is able to provide a service on par with the dealership however, then there’s no legal grounds to void your warranty.

There’s just one problem: how do you know you’re getting workmanship and service equivalent to dealership service?

While we can’t speak for other independent mechanics, our Audi specialists in Melbourne:

  • Use highly-refined processes and systems
  • Possess brand-specific knowledge
  • Come from the dealership network
  • Have years of experience working with Audis
  • Use exclusively high-quality genuine and OEM parts

And while we’re on the topic of genuine and OEM parts…

Condition 2: they use quality parts

One half of “meeting the manufacturer’s standards” equation involves knowledge, expertise and processes to be on par with the dealership.

The other half involves using high-quality parts.

If you’ve heard stories from other motorists about losing out on warranty because of aftermarket parts, it was probably from a cheap, no-name manufacturer.

At Ammstar Autohaus, we exclusively choose high-quality genuine and OEM parts for your Audi service. With 20 years in business, we’ve narrowed down our options, leaving only the most trustworthy aftermarket brands in our supplier network.

These relationships also allow us to get our hands on rarer Audi parts, such as replacement sensors for your rear parking system.

Not only are these parts well-made, but they’ll also keep your Audi in warranty.

In the case of OEM parts, they’re sourced directly from the original manufacturer, to the same spec.

You can be confident that the parts we fit in your Audi will be able to stand up to the pressure, heat and energy your Audi’s engine generates.

Not only are these parts well-made, but they’ll also keep your Audi in warranty too!

Audi mechanic Melbourne

Independent Audi service in Melbourne

Thanks to our years of experience, highly-refined processes and quality parts, we’re able to offer Audi service in Melbourne that’s equal to what you’ll receive at the dealership.

And most importantly for today’s topic, we won’t void your warranty either, so you can bring your car into our workshop worry-free!

Of course, this isn’t the only reason to bring your Audi in to our specialists!

A lower Audi service cost

As an independent mechanic, we aren’t part of the dealership network. We’re able to operate independently – this offers many advantages, but the big one is that we’re able to set our own prices.

There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • As independent mechanics, we don’t have the same overhead costs as a dealership
  • We won’t follow the official service schedule if your car doesn’t need it
  • Our unique systems and processes allow us to diagnose and fix problems sooner
  • We’re free to set our own prices

Each service we perform is based around what your vehicle needs, not what the service guide says. In some cases, it could be premature wear-and-tear.

In others, it could be that parts of your engine could actually stretch a couple more months without service – it all depends.

Whatever the case, we’ll only prescribe work that actually needs to be done.

And in many cases, all of this comes together to give you a lower Audi service cost!

We’ve got our own warranties

Remember how we mentioned that we exclusively use high-quality genuine and OEM parts from trustworthy aftermarket manufacturers when performing Audi service in Melbourne?

That isn’t just so we can provide better care to your Audi – it’s also to provide extra security and peace-of-mind.

Many of the parts we use are covered by their own warranties. On the off chance that they aren’t up to the job, we’ll replace them on your behalf.

Not only that, but we also offer a warranty of our own – all of our service and repairs are covered by a generous 2 year or 50,000km warranty.

Choose Ammstar Exclusive for independent Audi service in Melbourne

There’s an alternative to costly dealership service – one that won’t void your warranty

Dealership service can get expensive. No wonder so many motorists are seeking out alternatives.

Independent mechanics give you a more affordable alternative to dealership service – unfortunately however, too many motorists buy into dealership scaremongering about what may happen to their new car warranty if they choose to go independent.

Hopefully, we’ve been able to put these worries to bed!

Now that you know the truth, the only step left is to find somewhere you can entrust your Audi to.

The drive towards better Audi service starts by choosing the right mechanic. And when it comes to Audi service in Melbourne, there’s no better alternative to the dealership than Ammstar Exclusive.

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