BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW and Audi Service Fairfield

When we first opened in the year 2000, it was with a laser focus on Mercedes-Benz service.

Since then, the specialist mechanics at our Fairfield workshop have opened our doors to cars from Audi, BMW and VW.

Whether it’s a luxury E-Class Mercedes-Benz sedan or a rugged Amarok ute, with Ammstar Autohaus, you’ll enjoy the quality workmanship and parts of a dealership, combined with the personalised service and pricing of the corner mechanic.

Fairfield residents can rely on Ammstar Autohaus to look after their luxury German vehicles!

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Mercedes-Benz service Fairfield

Our Fairfield workshop started out specialising in Mercedes-Benz service. While Audis, Volkswagens and BMWs might be starting to take up some space in our workshop, our specialist Mercedes-Benz mechanics haven’t forgotten their roots!

Thanks to our extensive institutional knowledge, independence from the dealership network strong relationships with original parts manufacturers, we’re able to offer a superior price on your Mercedes-Benz service.

Audi service Fairfield

A luxury car like an Audi deserves better than cheaply-made spare parts sourced from a dodgy online store.

With Ammstar Autohaus, you can rest easy knowing that your Audi is getting only the very best. Our specialist mechanics are highly-trained, with years of experience with this luxury German automaker. Using parts sourced from original manufacturers, we’ll give your Audi the treatment it deserves!

BMW service Fairfield

Servicing your BMW doesn’t need to cost a fortune anymore when you bring it to our German car specialists in Fairfield.

With our reputation for quality service, intimate knowledge of even the most obscure parts and systems, and unbeatable customer service, Ammstar Autohaus is the place to go for BMW service in Fairfield.

Volkswagen service Fairfield

Why take your Volkswagen to the local dealership when you could get the exact same service and in-depth knowledge without the price tag?

Take it to our Volkswagen specialist mechanics in Fairfield instead of going to the dealership. Not only will you enjoy a lower Volkswagen service cost, but you’ll also be looked after by a mechanic with unparalleled VW-specific knowledge.

Dealership-level service, without the dealership price

When we first opened in 2000, it was with the mission of providing service on part with the dealership, at prices comparable to the corner mechanic.

Whether you drive an Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Volkswagen, we’re sure we can all get behind this noble cause!

Since we work independently of the dealership network, we’re able to enjoy:

  1. Considerably lower overheads
  2. Greater flexibility in the prices we set

We aren’t mandated to follow the service schedule as set out by BMW, Mercedes, Audi or VW – with Ammstar Autohaus, you’ll have the final say over what service your car receives.

Before any work starts, we’ll provide a transparent and itemised quote that clearly lists every service we’ll provide your vehicle.

We’ll then go over each service with you and provide our recommendations, helping you determine what needs to be fixed right now and what you can afford to delay, giving you greater control over how much your German car service costs.

Mercedes service centre Fairfield