BMW, Mercedes-Benz, VW and Audi Service Doncaster

Need German car service in Doncaster? You don’t need to break the bank to get it.

Doncaster may already be home to BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz dealerships. However, as any German car owner knows, dealerships also charge considerably more than independent mechanics.

Unfortunately, independent mechanics don’t always have the experience needed to give your German car the service it deserves:

  • They don’t have the required tooling and equipment
  • They often use generic parts
  • They might lack experience working on luxury German cars

Luckily, Ammstar Autohaus offers an alternative. Our German car specialists offer superior service compared to other independent mechanics, at far better rates than the dealership.

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German Car Service Doncaster

Mercedes-Benz service Doncaster

With a laser-focus on German brands such as Mercedes-Benz, we’ve perfected our systems and procedures to minimise downtime and ensure that each vehicle that passes through our workshop receives the same high-quality service.

All of this means that you won’t be left without your Mercedes-Benz for very long!

Audi service Doncaster

At Ammstar Autohaus, you’ll be looked after by specialist Audi mechanics who possess in-depth brand-specific knowledge and who will ensure your vehicle receives a service that’s worthy of the Audi brand.

We’ll even throw in a complimentary car wash and vacuum, ensuring that your car is spotless when you get it back!

BMW service Doncaster

Few three-letter combinations conjure up the same images of luxury and exclusivity as the Bavarian carmaker does.

A car as exclusive as your BMW comes with a range of unique high-end features. At Ammstar Autohaus, we can service all of your BMW’s systems and parts, from crucial engine parts like valve stem seals, all the way down to keyless entry sensors.

Volkswagen service Doncaster

Whether you drive a Transporter van, an Amarok ute or a Golf hatchback, our German car specialists ensure that you receive the best possible service for your Volkswagen.

Unlike the dealership, we don’t have to cover the overheads that come with running a dealership. Combine that with our highly-refined systems and processes, and you can be confident that your VW is receiving service just as good as your dealership.

The right parts for the job

There are many things that make us such a good choice for German car service – one of which is the parts we use in our service.

The more times you replace parts of your luxury German car with generic, low-quality parts, the less exclusive it becomes.

When you book a BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes or Audi car service with Ammstar Autohaus however, you can be sure that your car is only receiving parts that are worthy of it.

This is thanks to our strong relationships with original parts manufacturers, which allows us to supply your vehicle with genuine and high-quality OEM parts.

Additionally, owners of luxury cars from Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and Mercedes-Benz know that their vehicles are packed with unique high-end systems and features seldom seen in cars from other manufacturers. In many cases, there are no aftermarket parts that can be used to effect a repair.

Our car specialists ensure that you receive only the best possible service for your German car. What’s more, we’ll also ensure that you enjoy the best possible customer service too.

Before your service or repair, we’ll provide an itemised bill that lays out in plain English what we plan on doing, and how much each individual maintenance task is. This gives you complete and total control over how much your German car service cost.

And in addition to loan cars and assistance getting around while our specialists work on your vehicle, we’ll also throw in a complimentary car wash and vacuum.