Looking for a BMW service in Melbourne? If so, there are probably two things on your mind:

  1. Depth of knowledge and experience
  2. Affordable pricing

In our experience, there are very few places that offer both (which is why we started Ammstar, incidentally). Unfortunately, a recently released report from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) simply confirms this!

According to the ACCC, car manufacturers aren’t providing independent service centres with important data and technical information, hobbling their ability to provide service.

And since luxury German car brands like BMW make extensive use of high-end technology and unique features, this is a major problem!

As a result, many motorists (including BMW owners such as yourself) are forced to pay a premium for dealership service. The report goes on to state that Australians are spending $1 billion more than we need to on our service.

Luckily, there’s one place where you can get the best of both worlds: Ammstar Autohaus.

Today, we’ll be explaining exactly what it is that allows our German car specialists to provide dealership-level BMW service in Melbourne at independent mechanic prices… in spite of car manufacturers’ best efforts!

Why aren’t car manufacturers sharing information?

While we aren’t privy to the decision-making process at car manufacturers, we’re fairly confident that technical information is being withheld for one simple reason: money.

Car dealerships make very little profit through sales. In particular, car dealerships don’t receive cars from the manufacturer for free – just like you or I, they have to pay for it at rates that are only slightly lower than the sticker price.

Once additional expenses like salaries, sales commission and showroom rent are also accounted for, and the profit margin can be as low as 5% on a new car sale.

According to Choice, 64% of a car dealer’s profit comes from service, which is why dealership service is considerably more expensive than going independent.

By holding onto technical data, dealerships are able to claim better service and prevent customers from finding superior value at an independent mechanic.

The problem for BMW owners

While owners of more common car brands can find generalist mechanics to look after their vehicles, owners of BMWs aren’t so lucky.

As we’re sure you’re aware, German car brands such as BMW have a reputation for being highly engineered, and are full of cutting-edge technology. Without technical data from the manufacturer, many other mechanics simply don’t know where to start.

Say the problem with your BMW lies in a unique part such as the sensors or cameras for BMW’s City Braking system.

Without technical information to run off, independent BMW mechanics in Melbourne won’t be able to identify the issue, or effect a repair, leaving the dealership as the only viable option for a BMW service.

Luckily, Ammstar Autohaus offers an alternative!

What makes Ammstar Autohaus different?

Luckily for BMW owners throughout Melbourne, Ammstar Autohaus is an exception to the rule. While many independent service centres struggle without technical information from the manufacturer, our team doesn’t.

What is it that makes us different?

We’re BMW specialist mechanics

Many independent mechanics are generalists – while they service a great many brands, when it comes to brand-specific knowledge, they don’t hold a candle to a specialist. They’re jacks of all trades, but masters of none.

At Ammstar Autohaus, we’ve serviced German car brands exclusively, including vehicles from BMW.

Rather than limiting us, this allows us to offer a vastly superior service.

We employ specialist mechanics who are experienced in all things BMW, and who know your vehicle back-to-front. In fact, many of our BMW specialists come from the dealership network, and bring a wealth of BMW-specific knowledge with them!

Thanks to this specialisation, we can offer dealership-level service for your BMW, despite car brands refusing to share technical information outside of the dealership network.

Our team also employs a highly-refined and streamlined system. When combined with our years of hands-on experience, this allows us to accurately diagnose even the most niche problems in your BMW, and much quicker to boot.

All of this allows us to keep your BMW performing at its peak (as it should!)

The right parts for the job

Unlike other independent mechanics, we’re all about German cars. That love for German automobiles is what drove us to first set up shop, as a matter of fact!

As enthusiasts ourselves, we’re keenly aware of how crucial it is to get the right part if we’re to keep your BMW operating.

That’s why we make it our mission to avoid the cheap replacement parts from no-name brands that you’ll often find at many other mechanics. Our team exclusively use high-quality OEM and genuine BMW parts.

Not only can cheap parts degrade your vehicle’s performance, but each non-BMW part makes your BMW feel ever so slightly cheaper and less exclusive!

Our strong relationships with original parts manufacturers ensures that your BMW is getting the service it deserves. You’ll never have to worry about a part or system that we’ve repaired failing when you choose Ammstar Autohaus for your BMW service in Melbourne.

Finally, all of our repairs are covered by a 2-year / 50,000km warranty, covering you in the extremely unlikely event that something goes wrong.

We’ve got the right tools for the job

There are some pieces of equipment you’ll find at any mechanic such as car lifts and engine cranes.

Owing to the complexity traditionally associated with German cars however, BMW servicing also requires a host of unique, more sophisticated tools.

One such example are computer diagnostic tools for the onboard control unit. To properly diagnose issues with your vehicle, specific diagnostic tools are needed.

As BMW specialists, the team at Ammstar Autohaus have access to specialist tools such as these. When we perform BMW service, we’ll provide an accurate diagnosis and a repair that gets to the heart of the issue.

This allows us to give your BMW the right service, despite the manufacturer’s best attempts to lock us out!

We make BMW service affordable

While we can offer dealership-level service for your BMW service, we aren’t the dealership. Despite the quality of our service, we’re 100% independent from the dealership network:

  • We have dramatically lower overheads
  • We’re more flexible in our pricing
  • We offer fair and transparent pricing

This allows us to offer you affordable prices typically associated with independent mechanics!

How’s that for a deal?

Need a BMW service in Melbourne?

Car manufacturers can’t keep Ammstar Autohaus down!

Your BMW isn’t just a car – it’s much, much more. As such, it deserves to be treated with a greater level of care and attention to detail – something that only a specialist can offer.

While the manufacturers’ refusal to share may pose a problem to other independent mechanics, it’s a non-issue with Ammstar Autohaus.

We provide BMW service in Melbourne for a wide variety of models from the Bavarian carmaker. From the 1-Series hatchback to the high-performance Z4, our BMW mechanics have seen (and fixed) it all.

In addition to BMW, our Autohaus also provides specialist service for Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volkswagen vehicles.

And best of all, we can do it at significantly less than the dealership, owing to our independent status. We’re driven to bring down your BMW service cost!

Are you in the market for a BMW service? If so, you need Ammstar Autohaus.

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