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BMW’s Condition-Based Servicing (CBS) helps extend the life of your vehicle by recommending periodic servicing. But how does it work?

What is BMW Condition-Based Servicing (CBS)?

Newer BMW vehicles are fitted with an electronic Condition-Based Servicing system that monitors the health of your car.

Not only does this system tell you what condition your BMW is in, but it also breaks it down to individual systems and components. Brake pads, exhaust, sensors… thanks to CBS, you’ll go into your next service with an idea of what needs to be done.

There’s no denying that CBS is a useful tool. However, there’s no replacing a thorough inspection conducted by a BMW expert.

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Why you need a BMW mechanic specialist Melbourne

Why you can’t just follow the service guide

While in theory CBS ensures your BMW receives the service it genuinely needs, that’s not quite how it works in practice!

No two BMWs are identical. Your driving habits and model have a huge impact on your routine maintenance, especially if you drive an older BMW.

Relying solely on service schedule can result in you stretching your interval, leading to engine wear.

Overly optimistic assumptions

The CBS computer recommends services after specific milestones (age or kilometres) are passed.

In our experience, you can’t completely trust these milestones – they’re often rather generous and don’t always reflect real-world driving!

Unfortunately, this means many BMW drivers end up stretching out their service intervals and don’t receive the service they need!

The computer isn’t as accurate as a human

While CBS actively measures the most important systems and parts, it doesn’t do this for everything. Many services are recommended purely on distance rather than usage and driving conditions.

For example, CBS recommends replacing brake pads every second or third service. But this doesn’t take into account how you use your car.

The only way to know for sure whether yours need replacing is to have them inspected by a BMW expert.

CBS assumes you own a brand new car

Let’s face it: most of us drive our cars for much longer than 5 years.

This is a problem since CBS assumes that the life of your vehicle is around 3-5 years.

Once your BMW goes past that age, individual factors like everyday usage and wear-and-tear start influencing how accurate CBS is.

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bmw service schedule melbourne

There are plenty of reasons to entrust your BMW to Ammstar Autohaus:

  • We specialise in luxury German car makes and have an intimate knowledge of how your car works

  • We offer an itemised and transparent quoting system, and work doesn’t commence until you accept the quote

  • We only use the highest quality parts and oil, ensuring your BMW runs at its best

  • We operate independently of the dealer network, offering you expert service at a great price

  • We offer alternative transport like loan cars and pick-up/drop-off services

But the thing that sets us apart the most from other BMW service centres is that we don’t blindly follow the service guide.

For example, BMW CBS only recommends an oil change every 30,000 kilometres, but in practice, the vast majority of drivers will need oil changes much more frequently!

If you follow CBS and put it off, you may find yourself returning to us just a few weeks later!

We understand this is the last thing you want happening, and include all the essentials in all of our BMW services, even if CBS doesn’t say they’re needed.

Additionally, our specialists perform a much more thorough inspection than CBS can provide.

We’ll even show you – if your brake pads are wearing thin, we’ll take them out and point out the wear, allowing you to make an informed final decision.