All the YouTube videos make maintaining your Audi look so easy.

As Audi mechanics ourselves, we understand where you’re coming from. Not only will you save money, but there’s something intensely rewarding about being able to diagnose and fix issues with your Audi.

Not that there’s anything wrong with a bit of DIY and trying to fix things on your own! There are plenty of minor maintenance tasks you can perform on your own, such as correcting tyre pressures and checking fluid levels.

However, for anything more complex we strongly advise against trying to fix the issue on your own, and suggest booking an Audi service instead!

Today, our Audi specialists in Melbourne explain why that’s the case.

We’ll service your Audi with the right parts

Audis are luxury cars. They deserve better than low-quality aftermarket replacement parts from no-name manufacturers!

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In our experience, if you want the best for your Audi, genuine and OEM parts are the only way to go.

What many would-be DIY-ers do is go online and purchase aftermarket replacement parts off eBay or Amazon. While you’ll have plenty of options, generally, these aftermarket parts are often of inferior quality to the real deal.

Even something as simple as the type of oil you choose can impact how your Audi performs!

If you ask us, a luxury German car like an Audi deserves better than this.

In some cases, aftermarket parts may not be fully compatible with your Audi – this is especially true of parts that are copy versions of the original design. These parts may fit poorly, or the materials used might not be suitable for the power output of an Audi engine.

Not to mention, it can be extremely difficult to source replacements for certain parts and systems!

For example, Audi vehicles are packed with computers that are responsible for regulating engine behaviour and performance, as well as entertainment, comfort and safety.

Unless you have a direct line to original parts manufacturers like our Audi mechanics in Melbourne, it can be extremely hard to source a replacement.

Our parts experts have strong relationships with original parts manufacturers, allowing us to source parts directly from OEM suppliers.

You won’t have any recourse if things go wrong

What happens when you make a mistake with your DIY repair? Or if you purchase a low-quality replacement part?

If you left your vehicle with an Audi specialist (or any mechanic, really) you’d probably be covered by the mechanic’s warranty.

If either of these outcomes happens during a DIY repair or service however, you’re out of luck (and out of pocket for any subsequent repairs).

Additionally, many car insurance policies won’t help you if your Audi suffers complications as a result of a botched DIY repair or service.

Finally, let’s return to the topic of aftermarket parts.

Not only are aftermarket parts less likely to fit with your Audi – many aftermarket parts from international sellers are sold without a warranty, or one that is practically impossible to make a claim on. Should something go wrong, you may be left spending even more money rectifying the issue!

Long story short, if you attempt a DIY Audi service and things don’t go according to plan, you often won’t have any option other than to swallow the cost of a follow-up service.

As Audi specialists, we here at Ammstar Autohaus are confident in our ability to fix any issue with your Audi the first time. That’s why all of our repairs and parts by default are covered by a 2-year, 50,000km warranty unless otherwise specified, giving you complete peace-of-mind.

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An Audi mechanic in Melbourne has the tools to do the job

Not all Audi services are as simple as a quick oil change – many Audi services may require more extensive work, and can even necessitate completely disassembling your engine in some cases.

Needless to say, very few DIY mechanics have the tools and equipment needed to do so – most homeowners only have hand tools at home like basic spanners and screwdrivers.

While these may be adequate for (some) minor repairs, they’re woefully inadequate for most of the services your Audi needs to keep running in peak condition.

For example, say your Audi runs into a problem with its TFSI system. To diagnose and repair this system, the engine or transmission may need to be removed, or  the engine completely disassembled.

This isn’t the type of repair you can attempt on your own. It’s one that needs a range of specialised equipment.

Our Audi service centre contain all the tools and equipment needed to affect such a sophisticated repair job. We have access to engine lifts, car hoists and computerised diagnostic systems that talk to your Audi’s onboard computer.

All of this allows us to perform the types of repairs that you can’t.

Finally, what if you get something wrong?

Cars are complex machines – German cars like those from Audi especially so.

While there are plenty of online tutorials and guides out there, nothing comes close to real world experience – especially with something that’s as hands-on as servicing your Audi!

Unless you’re a mechanic yourself, it’s unlikely that you’ll have a great deal of experience with car engines.

As we all know, Audi vehicles are complex machines, with sophisticated and unique systems – even a general mechanic may lack the brand-specific knowledge needed to effectively repair your Audi.

At Ammstar Autohaus, we work exclusively with German car brands like Audi. That’s years of hands-on experience with all the sophisticated systems and parts you’ll find in your typical Audi.

What’s more, this also means that you won’t have to worry about anything being missed!

Affordable Audi service in Melbourne

Just because you drive a luxury car doesn’t mean you need to pay a premium for Audi servicing!

We get it – dealership service can be expensive. With dealerships charging hundreds of dollars even for a basic service, it’s little wonder that motorists (Audi owners included) are increasingly considering DIY repairs.

Of course, as you now know, DIY car repairs cone with a host of problems!

Need an Audi service? Tired of paying the exorbitant prices of dealership service? You’re in luck – Ammstar Autohaus offers affordable Audi service in Melbourne.

Since we operate independently of the dealership network, we’re able to be more flexible in our pricing and servicing. We aren’t slaves to the service schedule and guide, and can modify your Audi service as needed to offer you the best possible value.

What’s more, we don’t have to cover the myriad expenses that come with running a dealership. We have lower overheads as a result, which we’re able to pass onto you in the form of a more affordable Audi service cost.

And unlike the dealership, we specialise in German car brands like Audi – as such, you’ll receive the exact same level of expertise and skill as a dealership!

Looking for an alternative to expensive dealership service and potentially disastrous DIY? You’ve found it with Ammstar Autohaus.

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