Audi Service Schedule Melbourne

The Audi service schedule is designed to ensure you get the most out of Audi’s stellar performance and cutting-edge technology.

What is the Audi Service Schedule?

Your Audi is maintained in accordance with Audi’s fixed service schedule.

This schedule lays out what services your Audi requires at any given point of its life.

However, this service schedule only applies to relatively young cars – typically 5 years or less. But the reality is that many of us drive cars for much longer than that.

As your car ages, the official service schedule becomes less reliable as factors unique to your Audi, such as mileage, start dictating what service your car requires.

Not sure when your Audi requires a service? Give our expert team a call on (03) 9585 1676.

Our specialised Audi service experts are happy to offer advice and insight based on your model and its age.

audi service schedule melbourne

Why choose Ammstar for your next Audi scheduled service?

Experienced Audi specialists

When you choose a service centre like Ammstar Autohaus – that specialises in German auto service – you know you’re getting expert knowledge and service – every time.

Itemised quotes

Our specialised Audi knowledge ensures we quote only for the repairs and services your car actually needs – and nothing more. And work doesn’t start until you approve the quote.

Personalised service

Our team are pleased to offer a truly personal service that has minimal impact on your day-to-day schedule.

So if you need a loan car or a pick up and drop off at the train station, just let us know!

It’s all about trust

Our goal is to turn first-time clients into clients for life.

We hope that when you have experienced the Ammstar Autohaus difference for the first time, you’ll turn to us for all repairs and services for the duration of your prestige car’s life.

Independent from the dealer

We work independently from authorised dealers so do not have the same restrictions that some of them have.

Our independent Autohaus is flexible in its approach and service, and can source high-quality genuine and OEM parts for your Audi.

Fast turnaround

Our expert team works fast to minimise the disruption to your daily routine.

By concentrating on fewer brands, we see the same makes and models continuously, meaning we have perfected our routine to offer exceptional service combined with a fast turnaround.

What happens during an Audi service Melbourne?

Look around for an Audi mechanic Melbourne and under the “service” section of their websites, you’ll be greeted with a big wall of text listing different services.

That tells you nothing about what your service actually involves – something like “horn inspection” could mean anything!

At Ammstar, every Audi service starts with an inspection. While the service book might recommend service based on distance driven, we know that these milestones don’t apply to every single vehicle.

During an inspection, we analyse all of the critical systems in your Audi. We look at their condition and age, as well as how you use your car, and rate how likely they are to last until your next annual service.

That means we make smart recommendations suited specifically to your car’s age and the way you use it, rather than following generic recommendations from a service guide.