We here at Ammstar Autohaus are driven by two things:

  1. A love for luxury German cars such as those for Audi
  2. A desire to give Audi owners like you the best possible value

The first one is pretty self-explanatory… but what about the second?

Sure, anyone can claim to offer superior value. But how exactly do you quantify something like that?

Value is a tricky thing to pin down. Luckily, our Audi mechanics in Melbourne are able to identify exactly how we’re able to give you better value!

How are we able to give you better value Audi service in Melbourne?

More affordable Audi servicing in Melbourne

Let’s face it: getting your car serviced can put a sizeable dent in your monthly budget… especially if it’s a luxury German brand like Audi.

We understand how it feels to get your invoice afterwards and feel a slight shock at how much you’re being charged.

Not everyone is made of that sort of money – which is why we make it our mission to offer the most competitive Audi service cost in Melbourne!

An Audi service from Ammstar Autohaus starts from as little as $260 – by contrast, dealership Audi service starts at $493 for a 3-year service plan (and it’s all charged upfront as well, meaning $1,480 will be leaving your wallet all at once!)

Since we’re independent, we don’t have to worry about the same costs as a dealership mechanic. This allows us to be a lot more flexible in what we quote you.

Our Audi mechanics in Melbourne perform an in-depth inspection that’s informed by years of experience with Audi vehicles. We’ll look at the actual condition of your vehicle, and provide service tasks that your car needs.

Instead of mindlessly following the service guide and providing services that your Audi simply may not need (something the dealership may do in an attempt to increase their revenue), we’ll give you the final call over all non-essential services.

By focusing on what you really need, we’re able to provide you with better value for money than the dealership.

Audi logo mechanic in Melbourne

We’re Audi specialists

The dealership isn’t the only place you can find an Audi specialist – the Audi mechanics at Ammstar Autohaus specialise in luxury German brands.

And since we work exclusively with these brands, we’ve built up a wealth of brand-specific knowledge, and are intimately familiar with the quirks and unique features found in Audi vehicles.

By contrast, general mechanics work on all sorts of vehicles each day. Therefore, all of their processes and knowledge have to be general enough to translate across car brands and manufacturers.

As a result, you may not receive niche or Audi-specific services, or might not receive the optimal solution.

As specialists, we’re able to offer dealership-level service, and provide the sort of in-depth service and specialist know-how that’s rare among generalist mechanics. We also have access to specialist diagnostic tools that allow us to identify the precise issues affecting your Audi, leading to a more accurate Audi service.

Combine that with our more affordable Audi service cost, and you’re getting more value out of what you pay. Essentially, you’re getting dealership-level service for less.

Specialist Audi service at prices typical of an independent workshop – a fantastic value proposition, if you ask us!

Other ways our Audi mechanics in Melbourne give you better value than the dealership OR a general mechanic

Exclusively high-quality parts

If you ask us, this is the secret to keeping your Audi running for longer!

We here at Ammstar Autohaus work exclusively with high-quality parts, often sourced directly from the original manufacturer. We also endeavour to use genuine parts wherever possible. You won’t find any dodgy aftermarket parts from no-name manufacturers here!

All of this ensures that your Audi is performing as intended, and that each of our Audi services match the manufacturer’s specs to the letter.

This includes rare and obscure parts of your Audi that generalist mechanics may not stock. For example, Audi vehicles come packed with advanced safety features that use a lot of proprietary parts – parts that are hard to come by such as sensors, cameras and electronic control modules.

There’s no guarantee a generalist mechanic will have access to these. Not to mention, in many cases they’re also 100% unique to Audi vehicles, so there’s no third-party alternative!

2-year / 50,000km warranty

There are several problems with choosing third-party aftermarket parts from no-name manufacturers for your Audi:

  • There’s no guarantee they’ll fit your Audi
  • Build quality and durability may not be up to scratch
  • They may need more frequent replacement

All of which can quickly wipe out the initial savings you make!

However, there’s another often-overlooked issue with dodgy aftermarket parts: namely, the fact that they’re very rarely covered by warranty.

And even on the rare occasion that there is a warranty (which isn’t very often, in our experience), in many cases there’s no Australia-based support network, which can make it impossible to make a claim.

In addition to matching manufacturer’s specs, the parts and components we choose are also covered by manufacturer warranties. Every Audi service we perform is backed up by a generous 2-year, 50,000km warranty that covers both parts and warranty.

This gives you extra peace-of-mind knowing that you’re covered, and means that we can ensure the quality of the service your Audi receives.

Extra services

Value doesn’t always take the form of something tangible like genuine Audi parts, for example. In many cases, value can take the form of great customer service!

Case in point: our commitment to helping you get around.

Our team offers a complimentary shuttle service that helps you get to and from your home while your Audi is undergoing service. For services over $500, we’ll also throw in a courtesy car, allowing you to minimise the disruption to your daily routine!

Once your service is complete, our team will also provide you with a free vacuum and wash, ensuring that your Audi is returned to you looking and feeling as fresh as when it first left the dealer’s lot.

How’s all that for value?

Get better value from your Audi service in Melbourne 

When we first started the Ammstar business, it was with the stated mission of giving the best-value service around. We understood first-hand how expensive dealership service could be for luxury German brands.

While our initial focus was exclusively Mercedes-Benz, we very quickly realised that this was a problem that owners of many high-end German brands, Audi included. So we expanded the Ammstar network to also include Audi, BMW and Volkswagen servicing too.

Since then, we’ve been delighting motorists all over Melbourne with our superior value offerings, affordable prices and better service!

If you’re looking for Audi servicing that offers better value, Ammstar Autohaus is the place to go.

We give you more bang for your buck – simple as that!

Get in touch with us today – you won’t regret it:

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