At first glance, the Audi A4 and S4 appear almost identical. They’re so similar in fact, that some people assume that it’s simply a typo in Audi’s catalogue or website!

While they may appear similar at first glance, the truth is that these two models differ vastly when examined in a little more detail.

Essentially, the S4 is a high performance A4. Since 1994, the S4 has been offered as a more enhanced, powerful  and feature packed sportier version of the A4.

The specialist mechanics at Ammstar Autohaus offer Audi service in Melbourne for all Audis, including the A4 and S4 models.

We’ve seen plenty of both come through our workshop. As such, we know that both are very different cars, with different requirements for service.

So, what’s the difference between these two particular models?

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What Makes The A4 and S4 Different?

While the A4 and S4 may share the same overall structure and appearance, that’s where the similarities end – in just about every other area, the two are completely different!

The S4 may not shout high performance in its appearance – look closer however, and there are subtle details. For example, the S4 features slightly more aggressive headlights and body styling and as you would expect, a larger wheel and tyre combination compared to the A4.

The differences don’t end there – the S4 also comes with many additional features as standard equipment, such as Audi’s parking assistance package and impressive advanced navigation.

Here are some of the other important differences…

The S4 is a high-performance vehicle

As the more powerful bigger brother to the A4, it stands to reason that the S4 features an engine with power that matches its sporty looks.

The most recent generation of A4 has a selection of 4 cylinder engines ranging from 1.4 litre capacity and 110kW to the larger 2 litre engine with an output of 185kW. While some of these numbers are impressive, the S4 comes with a 3 litre, turbocharged V6 engine  as standard with a whopping 260 kilowatts!

In short, the V6 engine in the S4 produces more power giving you faster acceleration than even the highest spec engine you will find in the A4.

With all that extra power you will need more effective brakes. Thankfully the S4 is equipped  with larger front rotors (discs) and vented brakes in the rear too.

Quattro – what is it, and what difference does it make?

Quattro is Audi’s unique 4 wheel drive system which made its debut in 1980. The unique idea brought the 4 wheel drive concept to vehicles other than just slow, all terrain vehicles – in particular high performance cars.

The quattro system has evolved over the years and become even more refined.

Whereas Quattro is an optional extra in the A4, all Audi S4s come with this drivetrain out-of-the-box. It’s thanks to Quattro the S4 handles like a dream in difficult driving conditions!

The S4 comes with all the bells and whistles

Unique sporty seats with real leather and seat heaters.. Additional driver assist systems. Punchier speakers. The S4 isn’t just the full package in terms of performance – it also comes with many luxury extras as standard above and beyond the already impressive list offered with a standard A4.

In particular, recent generations of S4 are packed with electronic extras – it’s hard not to be impressed by the virtual cockpit dashboard with a fully configurable instrument display!

Which one’s easier on your wallet?

Extra features don’t come cheap – the S4 has always been the more expensive model.

The list price of an A4 is $56,100 without any extras, while an S4 starts at $91,645 – that’s just over $35,000 more.

And this is the list price for the most basic model, with no optional extras!

Purchase price isn’t the only thing that makes the S4 more expensive – no matter how you cut it, the A4 is also more fuel-efficient.

Even the most powerful A4 is more fuel-efficient than the S4, which consumes approximately 7.3 – 7.6 litres for every 100 kilometres travelled. If you’re thinking about buying an Audi S4, be prepared to refuel a lot more often!

Where Should You Go to Get Your S4 or A4 Serviced?

As you can see, these two similar-looking models have plenty of variations where we look closer. With more aggressive brakes and tyres, expect your wear and tear service items to be a little more frequent and more expensive.

Not to mention, since the S4 is rarer than the A4, finding replacement parts can be more difficult. In fact, some corner mechanics might struggle to source the right parts at the right price, leaving you with an Audi that performs less than you would expect!

While choosing the dealership can help avoid these issues, that comes with its own problems – namely, the fact that dealership Audi service is expensive.

Thankfully, the dealership isn’t the only place to go to get your Audi worked on. If you’re looking for Audi service in Melbourne, there is an alternative: us!

Choose Ammstar Autohaus For Audi Service in Melbourne

Whether you drive an Audi A4 or S4, you still need to take it in for regular service.

The problem is that you can’t always trust the corner mechanic to do your Audi justice. And in many cases you might not get the service you deserve or expect from an Audi dealer, especially as your vehicle ages and exits the warranty period.

At Ammstar Autohaus, our mission is simple: to give you and your luxury German vehicle the service you deserve… and to do it without breaking the bank, thanks to our lower overheads, refined processed and use of OEM parts wherever possible!

Our specialist mechanics work solely on luxury German brands – in particular, we focus exclusively on Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, and of course, Audi.

It’s this laser-like focus that allows us to provide the best Audi service in Melbourne. Whether you need an Audi A4 serviced or getting an S4 looked at, we’ll be able to offer you the best advice or carry out repairs in the most efficient way possible.

Leave your Audi in the hands of a professional – call Ammstar Autohaus today on (03) 9585 1676, or click here to book online.