While modern Audi models now come packed with all manner of safety features, the best way to stay safe is to avoid an accident altogether.

That doesn’t just mean driving safely – it also means ensuring that the vital systems in your Audi are property maintained and fit-for-purpose.

And that means looking after your tyres.

As the only point of contact between your car and the road, it’s crucial that your tyres are in good condition, and aren’t incorrectly sized, deflated, worn-out or over- or under-pressurised.

Healthy tyres are essential for a smooth – and more importantly, safe – drive.

Should your next service include new tyres? Our Audi mechanics in Melbourne briefly explain the factors that can cause your tyres to wear out.

What the law says

As we mentioned above, your tyres are essential for smooth and safe driving. As such, there are strict laws in place governing the condition of your tyres, as well as when you should get them replaced.

According to current Australian laws, for tyres to be considered roadworthy, they need to maintain a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm deep.

If your tyre treads are shallower than the 1.6mm minimum, your vehicle may be deemed unroadworthy, forcing you to live without your Audi until you get your tyres replaced.

Any shallower than that, and you may be saddled with a hefty fine and have your car insurance invalidated.

Most importantly, bald tyres can also make your daily drive considerably more dangerous!

Drive with bald or worn tyres, and you may find yourself suffering from:

  • Loss of control
  • Decreased traction and grip
  • Increased braking distance
  • Higher risk of hydroplaning

All of which can dramatically increase your risk of an accident!

To make things easy, many tyre manufacturers fit their tyres with depth markers, allowing you to visually determine whether or not your tyres are in need of replacing.

If you notice the tyres on your Audi starting to go bald, we recommend calling a Audi mechanic in Melbourne as soon as you can to get them replaced ASAP!

Should your next Audi service include new tyres?

It depends!

As with all things car maintenance-related, how often you’ll need to get your tyres replaced depends on a range of different variables.

In the real world, some drivers wear out their tyres after a single year, while others can go more than 5 years without tyre replacement. It all depends on…

How you drive

There’s a reason that “burning rubber” has become a slang word for driving fast and aggressively – namely, this style of driving dramatically speeds up wear-and-tear on your poor tyres!

If you have a habit or screeching around corners, sudden braking and fast drives, your tyres are almost guaranteed to wear out sooner than someone who only drives occasionally.

Each of these generates heat and friction, which as we all know isn’t a good match with rubber. Your tyres will lose their tread faster, necessitating more frequent replacement if you want to stay safe on the road.

Driving frequency and conditions

It isn’t just how you drive that can influence how quickly your tyres wear – driving frequency also has a role to play.

The frequency with which you drive impacts how often you’ll have to see your Audi mechanic – it affects your engine, suspension, motor oil… and your tyres aren’t immune.

For example, let’s compare someone with a short commute to an Uber driver who criss-crosses Melbourne daily. Naturally, the second driver’s tyres are going to wear out much sooner than the first one’s.

In addition to drive frequency, road conditions also impact the lifespan on your tyres. Smooth asphalt is gentler on your tyres, while gravel and unsealed roads have a sandpaper effect on them.

Loading and weight

Simply put, heavier loads directly translate into accelerated wear and tear on your tyres. Audi owners who frequently overload their vehicles can expect more frequent tyre replacements than drivers who drive light.

Our Audi mechanics in Melbourne have seen the effects of this first-hand.

In addition to Audi, we also service other German car brands, including Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen models. We’ve serviced our fair share of work vehicles, including Sprinters, Vitos, Amaroks and more.

Over the years, we’ve noticed these particular models tend to require much more frequent tyre replacement than passenger vehicles owing to the heavier loads they carry.

Sure, it may be less of an issue for most Audi owners – that said, it’s something you’ll want to think about!

Improper air pressure and overinflation

While most Audi owners understand that an underinflated tyre is bad, few realise that an overinflated tyre is just as bad.

Overinflation causes your tyres to expand like a balloon – instead of lying flat on the road, the tyre will bulge and the surface will be raised in the middle of the tyre.

This results in more pressure on the centre of your tyres and therefore, faster wear.

When it comes to the air pressure in tyres, there’s a “sweet spot” that maximises the lifespan of your tyres. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t know what the appropriate pressure is, or that such a spot exists, and over inflate their tyres!

Next time you fill up your tyres, be sure to consult Audi’s recommendations for your model (this information should be in your owner’s manual).

Alternatively, ask your mechanic about it during your next Audi service!

Wheel alignment

Misaligned wheels can lead to a bumpier ride and make your Audi pull or drift to one side. More importantly for today’s topic of discussion however, it also causes uneven and premature wear on your tyres!

Misalignment can occur for a range of reasons:

  • Hitting the kerb
  • Driving over a deep pothole
  • A dodgy tyre replacement
  • Gradual misalignment over time

Our Audi mechanics in Melbourne can identify and correct cases of wheel misalignment, prolonging the life of your tyres and allowing you to enjoy a smoother, more comfortable driving experience.

Why you should get your tyres replaced after 5-6 years regardless

Sure, the tread might still have some ways to go before it starts violating road laws. If your tyres are older than 5-6 years however, we suggest replacing them anyway!

The reason is the rubber itself also degrades with time, becoming more brittle and fragile.

So even though the tread may still be within legal limits, the material itself may be worn, and may not have much durability left in them!

Luckily for you, Ammstar Autohaus can help.

In addition to replacing tyres, our workshops in Cheltenham and Fairfield also stock a wide range of tyre options.

No need to drive from place to place shopping around for tyres, or spend hours trawling the web for deals. As part of your Audi service, we here at Ammstar Autohaus can fit your Audi with a range of tyres to fit your specific model and budget.

In addition to the factory-recommended tyres, we also stock a wide range of tyres in a variety of sizes. Our stock includes tyres from premium brands like Continental and Pirelli – your Audi deserves the best!

Need an Audi mechanic in Melbourne?

Unlike other mechanics, we’re Audi specialists.

We specialise in servicing luxury German brands, including Audis. Thanks to years of experience with these vehicles, we’ve built up a wealth of brand-specific knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.

Our knowledge and experience ranges from big-ticket items like TFSI issues, to niche areas of knowledge like your tyres. We know which tyres are best suited for your specific Audi, and can:

  • Inspect your tyres for the above problems
  • Recentre misaligned wheels
  • Correct air pressure errors
  • Rotate tyres

And we don’t just offer superior service, either – since we’re independent of the dealership network, we can also be a lot more flexible with our pricing!

Start the drive towards a better value Audi service – book a service with Ammstar Autohaus today!