If you drive a BMW, it’s safe to say you’ve chosen to drive one of the best makes of car in the world. Therefore, it’s only logical that you choose to have it maintained and repaired by someone who appreciates this fact, and knows their BMWs inside and out!

This is where independent mechanics, who choose to specialise in certain cars, come into the picture. Taking your car to an independent expert, rather than a dealership, has a number of advantages.

Let’s look at 3 good reasons why you should get your BMW looked after by an independent expert.

1. The Product Experts
Independent service experts focus on particular brands of vehicles, becoming brand experts in those car brands. This differs from dealership mechanics that work on all makes and models of vehicles, and are expected to become jack-of-all-trades, experts of none.
If you’re driving a prestige German car in Melbourne, it’s worth taking the time to find a reliable mechanic who specialises in just that – prestige German vehicles.

2. Saving You Time and Money
Love your German car but tired of paying too much for service at the dealer? Independent experts will save you money. How?

Well, because they don’t waste time guessing or googling how to fix cars they haven’t worked on before, they can diagnose issues quickly, providing you with the lowest possible price repair.
Their superior product knowledge, and investment in the right tools, diagnostic equipment and training, will get your service completed as efficiently as possible. And that efficiency will save YOU money!

3. Get the Service You Deserve
As the owner of a prestige vehicle, we expect you’d like your customer service to be just as prestige. An independent mechanic can offer you exceptional client service, superior product knowledge, and will appreciate the value of your BMW and its unique needs.

Look for an independent vehicle servicer who is happy to offer you a guarantee for your car’s service – it means they’re confident in their work, and you can be confident in them!

So next time you need to service your BMW, take it to an independent BMW service specialist and see the difference.

Driving a BMW in Melbourne? The team of independent mechanics at Ammstar Autohaus can look after you, and your BMW. Call (03) 9585 1676 or contact us online to find out more about our services and how we can help you.