As of 16th September 2020, we are now open for routine maintenance and servicing.

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Why choose Ammstar Autohaus?

  • Specialists in German cars
  • Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen
  • 16 expert mechanics
  • Fast, transparent and itemised quoting
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Loan cars available!
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Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen Service Melbourne

Mercedes Mechanic Melbourne

3 pointed star on your bonnet? Have a worn balance shaft, cam sprocket, or fault with your AIRMATIC system?

You are speaking our language. We know Mercedes-Benz vehicles back to front, from intelligent headlights to blind spot radar systems.

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BMW Mechanic Melbourne

Is your BMW running as it should be? Losing power because of a Vanos or DPF fault?

We have solutions. Ammstar Autohaus specialise in BMW, and our workshop is fully equipped with specialist software and tooling that takes the guesswork out of complex diagnostics.

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Audi Mechanic Melbourne

Qauttro? S-Line? TFSI or CDI? Is your S-TRONIC or EGR cooler causing you trouble? These acronyms and many more are our specialty.

If your Audi is asking for a service, Ammstar Autohaus have the tech, tooling and talent to keep you Audi in tune and running like new.

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Volkswagen Mechanic Melbourne

Tiguan or Tougareg trouble? Golf or Passat due for a timing belt replacement or DSG service?

Ammstar Autohaus knows Volkwagen. Our unique service process ensures your car gets the attention it deserves, and offers greater value than the dealers capped price service!

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About Ammstar Autohaus

As a German car specialist, our promise to you is simple: to offer owners of Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW or Volkswagen vehicles a better, more affordable service.

As car enthusiasts ourselves, we realised many years ago that there was nowhere to go for German car service in Melbourne that:

  • Was familiar with our vehicles’ unique features
  • Had access to specialised tools, diagnostic equipment and parts
  • Provided customer service that was up to our high standards
  • Offered competitive rates

Over time, we noticed that there were no places in Melbourne that offered all of this at once.

We resolved to fix that. Thus, Ammstar Autohaus was born with the express purpose of providing dealership-level service, without a dealership-level price tag.

Ammstar Autohaus is Melbourne’s largest independent German car specialist, offering an affordable alternative to dealership servicing for Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW vehicles.

German Car Service Melbourne

At our Cheltenham and Fairfield workshops, you’ll find a passionate team of specialist mechanics who you can trust to provide the best German auto service in Melbourne, at a price that will make you wonder if it’s too good to be true!

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German Auto Service

Fed up with the dealership? Luckily, our independent German car service centre offers an affordable alternative.

We employ a systematic approach to diagnosis, and use proprietary procedures and highly refined and optimised service for your German car, ensuring you receive high-quality results every to speed up and get to the heart of the issue. Thanks to this, we’re able to offer a

We are able to diagnose and service any issues you may be having with your car, whether it’s your daily driver, a work vehicle or a lovingly maintained vintage sports car.

Our commitment to service doesn’t only apply to your car, however – we’re committed to providing superior customer service.

We’ll never recommend any unnecessary services, and will tell you in plain English what we are going to do to your car before we do it, and we won’t start working until you sign off on it.

We can also provide a loan car for a nominal fee and for larger repairs, we’ll waive the charge altogether. Every service is capped off with a complementary vacuum and car wash once our work is done, leaving your car feeling brand-new.

German Auto Service Melbourne

Don’t leave it to the dealership, or a general mechanic who may not understand the intricacies of your car. You deserve a superior service – one that our German car specialists in Cheltenham and Fairfield can provide.

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German car service Cheltenham

Located on Centre Dandenong Road just west of DFO Moorabbin, our Cheltenham workshop is the place to go for German car service in Cheltenham and the surrounds.

We only ever use the highest quality products, oils, tools and parts, sourced from reputable suppliers – in many cases, we get our parts direct from the manufacturer.

Our in-house German car specialists have years of hands-on experience and training, which allows us to offer a more thorough, better service for your vehicle.

If you live in the area and own a BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen or an Audi, book a service with Ammstar Cheltenham – we promise you won’t regret it.

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German car service Fairfield

Previously specialising solely in Mercedes-Benz, we’re pleased to announce that our Fairfield workshop is now expanding to also provide service for BMW, Audi and Volkswagen vehicles.

We love cars as much as you do – so you can trust that we will treat your car as if it were your own.

Combine that with competitive rates and an in-depth knowledge of German car models, and you can trust our German car specialists to give your vehicle the care it deserves.

If you need German car service in Fairfield, pay a visit to our workshop, located at 223 Grange Road.

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German car service cost

Ammstar Autohaus offers quality service for your Audi, Mercedes, BMW or VW at a reasonable rate – a rare combination.

German car service shouldn’t cost a fortune. With Ammstar Autohaus however, that’s something you won’t have to worry about.

How are we able to offer such good prices?

  • We buy our parts from the manufacturer, and have strong relationships with official suppliers
  • We only charge you for the work we do
  • No hidden costs or fine print fees
  • We don’t have a showroom or sales team to maintain
  • Work completed by German car specialists

Since our German car specialists operate independently of the dealership network, we’re able to be much more flexible in our approach to service.

We’ll never recommend any services unless they’re necessary, and will tell you what needs to be done, what can be put off until your next service, and how much it will cost.

Every service also comes with a complementary vacuum and car wash – services that would cost extra at most other places.

Service Special
at Ammstar Autohaus

Our service prices have never been this low!

With services starting
from just


There’s never been a better time to switch to Ammstar Autohaus, a true dealer alternative

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Mercedes service cost

A service for a Mercedes Benz at Ammstar Autohaus starts at $295.

A luxury car like a Mercedes-Benz comes with certain expectations for service. At most other mechanics, these are charged as extras, and can drive up your Mercedes service cost.

Ammstar Autohaus’ German car specialists don’t just provide an affordable service for your Mercedes-Benz – we also assist with transport arrangements, provide a complimentary car wash, and vacuum, and offer a 2-year warranty.

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BMW service cost

A service for a BMW at Ammstar Autohaus starts at $295.

Unlike other mechanics, we won’t slavishly follow the BMW service guide. Instead, we’ll perform an in-depth inspection, analysing all of the critical systems in your BMW.

We look at their condition and age, as well as how you use your car, and rate how likely they are to last until your next annual service.

By omitting unnecessary charges and services, we can bring your BMW service cost down to a much more reasonable level.

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Audi service cost

A service for an Audi at Ammstar Autohaus starts at $295.

An Audi service cost from just $295… it almost sounds too good to be true.

With Ammstar Autohaus, you get transparent, honest pricing. We won’t surprise you with any additional charges or fine print fees – you will only pay for the work you need done on your Audi!

If you decide you can’t afford to pay for a full Audi service, we will tell you what maintenance tasks can be put off until later, allowing you to enjoy a more affordable Audi service cost.

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Volkswagen service cost

A service for a Volkswagen at Ammstar Autohaus starts at $295.

Does your Volkswagen service cost worry you?

At Ammstar Autohaus, we provide dealership-level service without a dealership-level price tag. We provide custom services tailored to what your Volkswagen needs – no need to worry about unnecessary services or charges.

This gives us a greater degree of control over our pricing, and allows us to provide you with the best possible quote for your Volkswagen.